I slept with the wrong man…

Six years ago I was a naïve little girl, desperate for a fairytale romance and a happily-ever-after. What I got was a one night stand and the greatest gift of my life---my son. Despite the painful wake-up call, I’ll never be able to call it a mistake.

The man who is my child’s father? He most definitely was.

My prince charming turned out to be a poisonous frog. One who refuses to believe that our son is his. Yet he continues to threaten me in exchange for my silence. If I reveal his identity, he’ll take away my boy. I’d die before I ever let that happen.

When the opportunity to escape to New York comes along, I grasp it with both hands. But that choice has landed straight into the arms of another man. One far more dangerous than the father of my son.

This time, I’m the one in control. He can have my body, but my heart isn’t on the table.

I’ve always wanted what I can’t have…

I've killed.

I've lied.

I only operate with stacks of cash.

There are only two good things I've done in my life, but it's not near enough to atone for my sins. And now I want the one thing back that I've missed most...my sister.

I'm not a man people say no to. I always get what I want.

Now it's not just my sister I'm determined to win over, but a blonde-haired beauty and the little boy who makes me want to be a better man.

I don't deserve them. That won't stop me.

Will two hearts heal or be torn apart?