Everything’s changing...

I did all I could do, and this time it wasn’t enough. Teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, the energy company I’ve put my heart and soul into for fifteen years was forced to merge with another. The silver lining? I can keep my job if I move from Houston to New York.

Seems like a no-brainer, right? Wrong.

Texas is the only home I’ve ever known. All the people I love are in the Lone Star State, and I’d rather do just about anything than leave. But my mentor, the man who taught me everything I know about the oil business, has asked me to go. I can’t let him down.

There is an up-side to moving…and it’s a big one. I’ll get away from the one man who makes me feel. Who reminds me of the mistake I made. Who refuses to back down no matter how I fight him.

New York… doesn’t sound so bad after all.

She thinks she can run away again...

Not this time.

We are going to have it out once and for all. It's been building for years. Her will is iron-clad, but mine is stronger.

I’ve given her enough space... now it is time to claim what is mine.