I’m too far gone to be saved…

I stole a billion dollars from my family. Forced them to sell their precious oil company. They hate me now more than they ever have.

Good, because I hate them, too.

Except my mother. Who's dying of cancer. And I haven't told her about the child I signed away all my rights to. Yeah, I won't be getting a son of the year award any time soon.

My punishment for theft? Either prison or community service at a women's shelter.

My brother warned me to keep my hands off the residents.

I'd planned to be good---honest, I did.

One look at that smart-mouthed tigress and all bets were off. I'm going to be my worst, she’ll beg me for more, and we'll both love every second of it.

I’m not changing for anybody…

I hustle men for money.

I also might have swindled my way into an abused women's shelter.

Hey, I've got the black eye. And it did come from my latest conquest. So technically...

I needed a place to hide. I've stolen something valuable. I swear I didn't know it's worth as much as it is. Pretty good luck, huh?

But if he finds me, I'm dead.

In the meantime, I'll just hang around, enjoy the man-candy volunteer. Apparently, he's new...and just as gullible as all the rest.

Can one thief steal another thief’s soul?